Hardwood flooring is an excellent choice

Who can dispute the allure of wood floors? They add warmth and charm to a home, are versatile enough to work with any decor, and last for years. But, of course, hardwood flooring also adds value to a property. We’ve compiled answers to questions we hear most frequently in our showroom, but don’t hesitate to contact us if you have further questions.

What is engineered wood flooring?

This is another version of hardwood with a different construction that makes it stable and better handle water. On the surface, it looks similar to solid wood. You can have your beautiful oak, hickory, maple, ash, etc., floors, and you'll have a wide range of species from which to choose. The difference is underneath, where genuine wood is combined with a bit of resin and placed crosswise. As a result, these floors can be installed in higher-than-normal moisture places where solid cannot go, refinished, and add value to a property. The engineered version also offers a range of installation technique options, including the floating floor.

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Style is more than just choosing a color!

Species are broken into two categories. Domestics like oak, pecan, birch, and maple are harvested within North America and are warmer and more traditional. Exotic species, such as Brazilian cherry, tigerwood, Indian rosewood, and acacia, come from Brazil, Indonesia, Africa, and Southeast Asia. They are darker, more dramatic, and, some say, more contemporary. Do you want the currently trending wider planks or narrow or mixed-width? What grain pattern do you prefer? Logs are cut three different ways, each affecting motif, and surfaces can be wavy, linear, or a combination of both.

What about finishing?

You know what you are getting with prefinished and can start the coordination process even before the floors arrive. There's also no mess or odors, while on-site finishing offers more variety of colors and sheen, giving some the feeling of more control. Also, discuss the pros and cons of water-based, oil and polyurethane finishes.

Hardwood flooring improves indoor air quality by increasing oxygen in your home; trees are known for their ability to convert carbon dioxide into oxygen, even when cut. The professionals at JA Worldwide Design will guide you by selecting the best one for you and give you a free quote. Our showroom is in Norcross, GA, convenient to Norcross, GA, Chamblee, GA, Duluth, GA, Dunwoody, GA, Atlanta, GA && Brookhaven, GA.