Flooring for home builders


We know about choosing flooring for home builders!

Whether it's a custom home build, senior community, townhouses, or condos, builders and contractors will want the best flooring installation for the project. We're considered the best flooring contractor in the Greater Atlanta area; for almost 25 years, we've been providing high-quality flooring services for builders, contractors, homeowners, and more, all at great prices for every budget. Feel free to come into the JA Worldwide Design flooring company in Norcross, GA, for more information.

Preparation is vital

As a builder and contractor, the budget will always be first on your mind; this includes installation costs as well as return on investment. You'll also look at style and durability and then narrow it down even more to include market reach; who's the buyer you want to attract? For example, if it's a luxury home or townhouse, your buyers will look for high-end amenities, such as natural stone, solid hardwood, or highly designed tiled floors.

Family-oriented areas will look mainly to durability and value like luxury vinyl, laminate, or carpeting. Senior communities will need soft, durable, non-slip, and easy maintenance; luxury vinyl fits that bill. Remember, every room has different priorities and challenges, so you may end up using two or three different types of flooring. As long as the colors coordinate, you'll have a cohesive motif.

Other considerations when selecting the best flooring for new construction

Flooring materials often have different grades, qualities, and versions, and your choice will depend upon the needs of the installation. Carpet, for example, should be in a low-pile style if it's to be installed in a senior home where there might be mobility devices. A low pile rug is also easier to clean and more durable, while Saxony Velvet carpets convey a feeling of luxury.

Hardwood comes in two versions, including solid and engineered, the latter often appealing to those who want both beauty and practicality. Wood floors are currently trending, and, by extension, so are wood looks. Look at sheet or luxury vinyl and laminate for affordability and a true-to-life wood look (or stone or tile). Tiles can be mixed and matched to create various price points.