The best rooms to install waterproof flooring

The best rooms to install waterproof flooring

If you’re in the market for waterproof flooring, you already have a space with the potential for water damage and want a product that can guard against it. As you browse this product line, you will find that waterproof floors work in more rooms than those with dampness issues, and here are some things to consider.

Where do waterproof floors work best?

The bathroom is the first and most obvious choice for waterproof flooring placement because it's constantly exposed to water, moisture, and humidity. Regular flooring has gaps that allow liquid seepage, leading to rot, warping, mold, and the odors that waterproof vinyl flooring could prevent.

Laundry rooms are another great place to install waterproof floors because the area is prone to leaks and spills, especially if you have older washing machines that may malfunction. Adding a protective surface in this space could prevent the need to replace the entire room of flooring in the event of a problem.

Adding waterproof flooring to your kitchen is always a good idea, especially if you have pets, children, or family members that work outside. Spills, splashes, and wet footprints can damage your regular floors, but waterproof floors are the perfect replacement.

Choose a company that cares about your results

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